“Poole Professional Resources has provided quality search services. The team works with you throughout the entire process. I was most impressed at the attention this firm gives to understanding your business needs and in helping screen candidates to ensure they are assisting the placement of individuals that will grow with your company. I would highly recommend Poole Professional Resources.”

-SVP of HR, Medical Center

“I’ve known Traci for many years. She has filled several senior level finance jobs for me. She is easy to work with, acts with a sense of urgency, knows how to screen candidates and has great reach into companies known for excellent personnel development.”

-CFO, Public Retail Company

“We have worked directly with Poole Professional Resources to fill our most critical positions. On every occasion, they have provided a level of service which I would consider to be above and beyond the industry standard.

Every organization has a culture that is unique. Different people fit well in different situations. They go the extra mile to make sure that each candidate is not only exceptionally qualified for the position but is also a compatible fit with our corporate culture.

Poole Professional Resources has proven that they place a high value on building strong client relationships and strive to provide the very best pre-screened candidates. The quality of candidates and the level of detail in the candidate assessments that they provide has raised them to a level of professionalism among the highest I have ever dealt with in my career.”

-Global Staffing Manager, Engineering Material Company

“Traci is a highly skilled professional who matches great professionals with tremendous career opportunities. She has done a great job for me!”

-Program Manager, Technology Company

“Traci’s interest and personal investment in her candidates’ success is extraordinary. Her integrity differentiates her from others in the industry. I would never hesitate to work with Traci again. She is a star.”

-Program Manager, Technology Company

“I worked with Traci Poole at Poole Professional Resources to find the perfect career move. Perfection is matching a person’s professional capabilities, aspirations, and compensation to an available position. With Traci’s help, I was able to find a senior position with a Fortune 500 company, in which the position, the company and location were a 100% fit for what I was looking for. There was no wasted time or effort involved in the process. Now that I am in my current position, I realize how much work was provided behind the scenes to ensure that the expectation of the hiring partner was matched up to the expectation of the hiring candidate, in this case me. I would highly recommend Traci, and Poole Professional Resources, as a career placement partner. They are professional, a pleasure to work with and they find the perfect fit.“

-Brand CFO, Fortune 500 Company