Since 1996, Poole Professional Resources, Ltd. has been working to develop relationships with both candidates and clients.  We are always looking to connect with talented people who may be a fit for a current or future client opening.  If you are passively looking for a new role or actively searching, we know keeping things “confidential” is important to you.  Our goal is get to know you so that when the right job comes up, we can assist you in exploring new opportunities!  Remember, we don’t post everything here, but you can always contact us to schedule a career conversation.

We assure you, your information will not be shared with a client company without your knowledge and permission.  While we can’t create a position for you, we will do our best to keep you apprised of opportunities that could be a fit and of interest to you.  Best of all — you pay nothing.  Our service is free for candidates.  By the way, if we contact you regarding an opening, and the timing isn’t right, we understand.  However, if you know of others that could be a fit, please let us know about them.  We’ll gladly pay a referral fee if that person is successfully hired for that position!