In order to accommodate our clients’ needs, Poole Professional services offers 3 flexible fee options.

Retained Search

This option is often appropriate for client search assignments that are urgent, sensitive or confidential in nature. In addition, we:

  • Negotiate a fee amount up front and collect a portion at the beginning of the project
  • Provide scheduled weekly updates on the progress of candidate identification
  • Limit the number of retained searches that we accept at any one time; we are committed to finding and ultimately hiring a highly qualified candidate for each search assignment

Engagement Fee

The engagement fee indicates a commitment between the recruiter and the client to find and hire the most qualified candidate. In this arrangement the:

  • Client company pays a non-refundable fee at the beginning of the search
  • Fee is less than that in a retained search and will be deducted from the total fee of any hired candidate
  • Candidates presented to the client for possible hire will not be shared with any other clients for 30 days

Contingent Search

This option is ideal for regularly recurring assignments and those with a minimal level of urgency. In addition:

  • An up front financial investment from the client is not required.
  • The client will pay a percentage of the hired candidate’s annual compensation.
  • The fee is collected once the candidate begins employment.